Climate Control Systems divison can provide mechanical services for all phases of construction, from preliminary cost analysis, mechanical system design, CAD drafting, fabrication, construction, installation, start-up, balancing and follow-up service. This "single source" capability lends significant value on any project.

Sheet Metal Fabrication


Climate Control Systems has been involved in many types of sheet metal work, both in the fabrication and installation of various applications. The types of fabrication range from special purpose ductwork for high capacity charcoal filters, to the High Velocity Split Systems.




Ranging from the smallest project to the largest commercial project Climate Control Systems is a leading HVAC installation contractor. We supply the HVAC needs of many churches and synagogues, markets and restaurants, retail stores, schools, office building and health facilities throughout DC, Maryland and Virginia.



Testing/Balancing/Duct Repairs

Our certified technicians will assure you that you're getting the optimum performance from your system by providing:

  • Assurances that the system is working properly and documented in a written report

  • Adequate airflow and delivery of the proper amount of air to each room
  • The absence of duct leakage
  • Equipment and Systems that function as per design criteria by the manufacturer, engineers and contractors

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